Consultation is key.

Environ Skincare is a cosmeceutical range that bridges the gap between beauty and science. Developed by a world-renowned aesthetic surgeon, the powerful formulations contain highly active vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and penetrant enhancers to protect and rejuvenate skin. Whatever your skin concern, there’s an Environ range designed to address your skin’s specific needs and deliver incredible, measurable results. The potent formulations mean that you will have to fill out an Environ Consultation form which one of our skin specialists will look at to ensure the products are right for you. 

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To gain EXCLUSIVE access to purchasing Environ products we require that you download and fill out the consultation form and email it back to us at info@elegancecambridge.co.uk once your consultation has been approved we will send you your login details so you can purchase this EXCLUSIVE range!

"Due to the active nature of the ingredients within the Environ® range, a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin"

Environ Client Consultation

To enable you to  purchase Environ products to ensure suitability for your skin you must fill out this consultation form, once we receive your form we will then send you a login details to gain access to these EXCLUSIVE products. 

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